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Should I submit an idea?

Supposing that I have two ideas.

One, personally thinks, is a killer-app idea that may create a series of Android devices just for the app. Target users may be in 20 million+.

Two, personally thinks, has market audiences of 10k target users (customers who would pay annual fee), 200k casual users (customers who would pay one time fee), and 2-3 million utility users (free limited-function download). It is a vertical market app that has utility uses.

At this time, both ideas are in incubation period and has no resources to develop into full app. Both also has elements that can be patented, but yet again has no resources to pursue at the moment.

Should I submit one or both of ideas so that it may see some light of day ?

Would I lose a chance to take a part in development and benefit by doing this ?

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  • Manager   •   over 8 years ago

    Hello! You can submit both of your ideas. The winner will take part in the development. And finally will get its own app that will be developed and promoted

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